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"When I started job hunting for my first full-time job out of college, I knew it was the perfect time for me to finally jump all in and purchase The Salary Accelerator. Initially I was nervous to make the investment in myself, but I couldn’t be more grateful that I did. I always thought I knew what I was doing during the job hunting process, but after purchasing The Salary Accelerator I realized how much I was missing. A usually stressful endeavor turned into something enjoyable. By following Chloe’s instructions on market research and how to answer and ask questions during an interview, and by simply copying-and-pasting I was able to confidentially navigate the entire interview process with ease. With Chloe’s help and by following the templates she provided, I was not only able to ace my interviews and land my dream job, but I was able to negotiate my starting salary $6,000 higher!! I can confidently say that none of this would have happened without The Salary Accelerator. From start to finish, Chloe gives you the best tools tips, and tricks to succeed, stand out and be confident. I can’t recommend The Salary Accelerator enough."

Kenzie Stockwell
23 years old, Chicago

You are leaving $1.6million on the table

by not negotiating your starting salary. Learning this information can change the entire trajectory of your life. Are you ready to stop leaving money on the table?


Negotiating your starting salary is the QUICKEST and EASIEST way to accelerate your financial freedom. Ready to get wealthy faster?

Secret Sauce of Prep Work

Prepping for negotiating is vital to getting your dream income without feeling greedy, weird, awkward or selfish for asking.

Position Yourself

Go from Never-Negotiator to Bartering Boss by positioning yourself as an expert in your field.

The Art of the Deal

Learn how to seamlessly close a deal that will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in your career.

"A couple months back, I bought the Salary Accelerator on a whim. I was like, “ok, I just graduated from college and I’m looking for a job. What can it hurt?” NOTHING could have prepared me for how awesome this program is. Chloe basically hands you all of the information: copy-and-paste templates for your resume, cover letter, any type of email you might need to write to an HR rep or hiring manager, specific questions to ask an interviewer and the best way to phrase your answers to theirs. Following her templates exactly, I landed an interview at my dream company, nailed it!!!, formally accepted the position AND NEGOTIATED MY STARTING SALARY NEARLY 10K HIGHER !!!! Like, what?! I firmly believe I would not have even gotten an interview without Chloe’s templates. (The hiring manager later told me that my cover letter really sold her my application!) Chloe gave me the tools to not only succeed in my job search, but to leverage my skills into a gigantic pay raise less than a month after buying her program. I cannot recommend the Salary Accelerator enough. You may feel like you’re dropping a sum of money that you’re afraid to part with, but let me assure you: the Salary Accelerator is an investment in your future that will pay you back tenfold. What are you waiting for?!"

Dina, Long Island

Meet Your New Financial Coach

Chloe Elise, Millennial Money Coach

After paying off over $36,000 of debt in 18 months, Chloe is on a mission to show millennials how to actually get ahead with money, pay off debt + start saving for those big future investments. 

By working with Chloe and following her proven process, her clients have collectively saved over ONE MILLION dollars. Chloe makes figuring out finances easy and fun & teaches her clients exactly how to create the financial future of their dreams.

"I was skeptical at first about negotiating my salary, but ended up taking a chance and using the EXACT templates from the Salary Accelerator to make a counter offer on my starting salary. I was mind blown when the first email back to me was accepting my counter offer. By following Chloe's exact scripts, I landed a $7,000 HIGHER starting salary. That adds up to over $300,000 just in extra salary over my career. "

Luke, 24 years old
Marketing and PR Manager

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"I was questioning whether or not to negotiate my salary and then I talked to Chloe and she was so helpful, feeding me advice and wisdom. I got a call and they met me EXACTLY where I wanted to be with my salary!"

Madison Bloker
22 years old, Iowa

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